Garmin Edge 520 Xert Connect IQ data fields

My 520 appears to limit the use of CIQ fields to 4 total. I’ve seen 520 screen photos from Ray Maker, Richard Wharton, etc. that appear to use at least 5 fields. Am I missing something in the Garmin setup? Thanks!

Hmm. Perhaps the examples I’ve seen are actually the Edge 820 and it allows for 5 data fields?

Yes. 520 has only 4.

Armando, just a quick question: when I put two data fields on my Edge 520 (specifically MPA & Power and Time to Exhaustion), Garmin considers this for some reason actually 4 fields. Consequently, I’m not able to put more than two data fields on 520. Is that because those data fields consume more “real estate” (showing two numbers?). Or am I missing something completely? I’d like to start using the new FTP field without deleting other Xert data field… Pls. help. Thanks!

Each datafield app counts as 1 even if it shows 2 numbers.

I set this up yesterday on my 520, and had FTP data field on two pages, and MPA/Power field on one page. Garmin counts that as 3 out of the 4 total.

Hmm, I’m not sure, where the problem is. I use two data fields on my Edge 520 and if I want to add the third one, this is what I get: IMG_3431

Here are my other screens, which show, that I use just two data-fields: IMG_3430 IMG_3429 IMG_3428 IMG_3427

probably two more “hiding” - go to each page and increase the number of fields to find the other IQ datafields

Thanks, Brian - this helped. I have discovered two more IQ datafields which were hidden on a disabled fifth screen (indeed, I had to increase the number of fields to 10 to figure out).

Happy to hear you figured it out!