Garmin Connect

Does XERT update connect IQ automatically ie if my numbers change? Or do I need to update something?

At the moment, the Xert Code needs to be updated manually anytime your fitness signature changes. Some people will update it only when it changes materially or they need the added precision.

where do I get the new code from and do i just update via garmin express under “manage apps”?

The code is under “Apps” and then in “Garmin ConnectIQ”


How do I upload workouts to my Garmin 520 or Zwift?

You can just play workouts on your 520 using our Workour Player app. Check the FAQ as it’s pretty easy to play them while on Zwift too.

Tks. But the app is still only for Android correct? I’ll need to wait the iOS app…

Xert Mobile is Android. Xert Workout Player for ConnectIQ is for the 520.