Garmin connect Sync fail

Now my garmin connect Fail to syncronize activity …

Check your device. Upload manually if the system didn’t receive your activity. Let us know if the problem persists. Send an email to

Hi, “Your account is currently linked to Garmin Connect. Activities will automatically be synchronized” -> No activity on Xert ( strava & garmin up to date )

I added manuallly, if i use sync, it didnot ind my new activity

also when i added manually " the name is not correct " activity_3468249346 ?? best regards

already same issue :slight_smile:

You can also check the filters you have set up for Garmin Connect. If you continue to have issues, send an email to

i have no filter 2019-03-18 17_26_27-Xert - Garmin Connect Sync

Check by relinking and then send an email to support. Thanks.