Garmin Connect is here!

We rolled out Garmin Connect support. You’ll find a new menu option on the left panel (desktop) / top menu (mobile). Once configured, any activities you post to Garmin Connect via your Garmin device will get automatically synced with Xert. No need to sync. It should just appear and be analyzed automatically.

Great news. Unfortunately, I’ve tried this a few times but get sync errors and a message about checking my credentials are set correctly. I have gone into GC and can see Xert has Read permission but not sure what else to try. I’ve disconnected and tried a few times. Any pointers? Thanks.

Hi Richard,

It sounds like you’re attempting to sync via the button on My Fitness, which only works with Strava. Garmin Connect will automatically send new activities synchronized through their service to us (and thus) does not require any manual intervention on your part once the linkage is complete.

Yes, I was using the sync button and didn’t realise it was automatic. Thanks for confirming

Bless you!!! That is good news!

Hi Armando! is it necessary to update the ConnectIQ code every time the fitness signature is updated? Is there an alert that inform you that your ConnectIQ code has changed?

Unfortunately yes. There is no possibility of having it automatically updated. But if your signature has only slightly changed, the numbers displayed will still be quite useful.

Your code will change anytime your signature changes. There is no alert for that. I would suggest to keep an eye on your signature and if the change is significant, you should update your xert code.