Future activities don't appear to have their signatures updated

If you schedule some future activites and then upload an activity (not neccesarily linked to any of the future one) then the signatures of the future activities are not updated with any fitness signature changes. I had a breakthrough and all the future activities stayed at the values when created. This was in the “table” view and the XPMC chart. I opened and saved the first future activity and the XPMC chart updated (for Threshold) and the “table” view updated for that activity. Subsequent activities are still not updated. Hope that makes sense?

Future activities were added before the Sept 4th Zwift Zone 3 with sprints. The subsequent real activities have not reflected in the future ones apart from the Sept 9th 3. Threshold Pushing which I opened and saved (with no changes).

Thanks Andrew. They should be being updated so glad you’re pointing this out. We’ll have look to see why this could be happening.