FTP largely overestimated (for me)

Hi guys. I was wondering if you could help me with my FTP. Xert calculated an FTP for me around 338W using strava data for a year or so, which might have been reasonable ok about a year ago, but it’s certainly not the case now. So I reset the account, I asked it to load 3 months of strava (after some surgery I had) and after analysis it says my FTP is 345W, which I’m pretty sure it’s not. Something in the range 300-315 could make sense. Also, in my garmin I got breakthroughs in a couple of climbs (again, reasonably hard efforts for my current level of form, so, could be well the case) but when I see the activity in the web MPA stays flat at the top value across the whole effort. I’ve tried to read through FAQ and forum to figure out what I’m doing wrong, but can’t seem to fix it myself. Any tips would be appreciated.


Hi Alejandro. We checked your progression and unless your data from Sept. 8th has errors, you most definitely have an FTP over 340. (On that ride you held a a variable effort of 335W for 45 minutes . Using MPA analysis, it means that your FTP has to be bit higher.) If you feel this breakthrough activity has invalid data, flag it. You have another activity before that too that you will need to flag. This may bring down your numbers if in fact they have errors.

Armando, thanks for the quick reply, I will take a look at that activity

After checking, I have decided to flag a couple of rides where the power data didn’t really match the HR data (wrong PM calibration?) - PM says riding at vo2max for 45 minutes but HR in tempo area mostly. FTP has come down to 328, which still seems like a bit of a stretch to me based on my guts :slight_smile: I’ve also learned how to identify potentially incorrect data looking at the activity list. I will trust calculations and work from here. Thank you Armando for your help.

Remember that the key to training correctly is not to identify your FTP and train with it but to determine what you are capable of and to track your improvements.