For some reason, my FTP was reduced even back in time ? did not delete activity,

why the adjust back in time ? , Thanks

The recalc likely started with a lower starting FTP value and adjusted as it proceeded through your data. Check out the FAQ on seeding your progression to adjust, if required.

thanks, so it will backdate all of the projected data ? nice to have a switch to block back dating , only step and fwd adjust with a marker , also my projected is still null ?

It was likely due to the seed value being reduced. We still have your issue on our list of issues to get resolved.

ok, note I see my projection is back online. I love AI, BUT I recommend to enable a “lock” option of the history along with more info on recommendation for the future, I’m told I need to bike more but lower intensity “rest” vs “low watts” 90% low effort vs 10% high effort , the new algorithm down my FTP from 230 to 210, I feel that is a “lot”, but feel 210 avg might be more realistic , but feel NP is higher

You can lock your fitness signature to your activity.