Focus Duration

I’m confused on the Focus Duration listed in the Active Training Advisor. If it calls for Endurance (Focus 3:00:00 with an interval target 227 watts ) , does that mean 3 hrs at 227 watts? This can’t be correct… I would like to hit the correct target wattage duration during my workout, but am confused by the recommendation. Thanks in advance!

Focus Duration represents the point on the X-axis of your power duration relationship where you should focus. It would be the same value, independent of your Fitness Signature. When you use the Focus Duration with your Fitness Signature, you get the Interval Target Power. You can use the Remote Player during your workout or the Garmin Focus field during your activity to see what the current focus of the activity is.

We’re looking to provide a bit more guidance for users on how to interpret and use this key metric better.

Yes please - I see this as key and despite reading your blogs about it, I’m still struggling to know how to apply it in my training.

Checkout our recent blog post on this.

HI Armando - I’ve read the blog post a few times but the concepts are still a little challenging for me to grasp. What may help me is to translate it into a workout - my next suggested workout is Endurance (Focus: 02:31:56 | Interval Targets: 223W). Does this mean i need roughly 2 Hours or 2 Minutes of 223w work? Hopefully that question makes sense - i’m trying to build a workout of roughly 1 hour and curious if i need to hold 223 watts to chip away at the suggestion. Love the site and concepts (that i grasp so far!) Its extremely motivating.

Hi Rob. Thanks!! Here is another description we recently added:

Read that also, suppose that’s where i needed a little clarity - your example shows “24:06” where as mine shows “2:32:56”- just wasn’t sure how to interpret. I’ll read through them again, thanks.

My ill informed reading of this material tells me that Focus Duration is a concept. It uses your current power distribution to determine what the mix of recent training has been based on the ratio of the 3 energy systems. So 3:00:00 / 227 W would mean that you have been doing alot of endurance training with an formula calculated wattage of 227. So your position on the PD chart would be an endurance athlete. 227W should intersect with 3:00:00 on your PD chart. If your goal is to become a GC specialist, then you have to change the mix of training to put your ratio of training the energy systems to a different point on the PD chart. Thus you should just follow the recommended workouts and it should lead you towards the GC Specialist training mix of energy systems. Someone please correct my understanding/misunderstanding.

Perfect Alex!!!

The paragraph in italics on the blog helps explain a lot. Thanks.