Fitness Status?

Forgive me if this is answered somewhere, but didn’t see it in FAQ, Forum, or video. My fitness status has two stars - a little disappointing since I like to think I’m pretty competitive. It’d be nice to know what basis is used to determine that, and what type of workload I’d need to “earn” a new star. Sometimes it jumps up to 3 stars, but I don’t really know why, etc.

…and to give more info. It says I’m “Fresh” which I don’t quite believe since I’m 2 days into a stage race.

Double check your XPMC chart. It’s doesn’t have your last two days data. Our glossary explains Training Status: Use the links on the left for help.

Greg, your training load needs to be 75 or better to sustain three stars. Your probably bouncing above and below that number. For me a did a big block of base in California and it went to three. Now I’m back to reality and riding only on the trainer so now I’m back to two. Armando’s correct, reading the glossary cleared allot of my questions up.

And the way to think about training load, in case it isn’t obvious, is it’s the weighted average daily XSS you have done over the past few months. So to get TL above 75, you need to do, on average, 75 XSS per day for a few months.