Fitness Signature

#Armando, my HIE dropped from 12,5 kJ yesterday to to 9.1 kJ today, which I am sure it is too low. 12,5 kJ seemed realistic. Since my workouts are mostly below LTP, my Fitness Signature (HIE, TP) has been deteriorating continuously, therefore I decided to incorporate short, 30min breakthrough workouts once weekly just to avoid that. The last breakthrough was 2 days ago, my TP and HIE went up as expected, but dropped again today. How should I go about it. Should I change HIE manually in the Signature back to 12,5 kJ, or any other suggestions ? Thanks.

Be wary of flat interval, near breakthrough workouts as they can trick the system into thinking your signature is different. When this happens, you’ll need to adjust manually. We’re anticipating releasing done updates to help with this.

thanks Armando. Is there a workout in the library you would suggest to avoid near breakthrough and to update my TP while I am in base?