Fitness signature wrong

I am pretty sure that my fitness signature is wrong. Currently, the system shows them as follows:

TP: 185
PP: 889
LTP: 102
HIE: 33,2

I am not a good sprinter but am reasonably good at doing long climbs at steady wattages. While I believe that my PP is ok, I think that LTP is way too low, my FTP probably lower than what I expect, too. HIE is too high from my point of view.

Recent FTPs were around 200-215 lately. Can you have a look and see if there are any problems with activities?




The graph above confirms that.
With a HIE of 33.2 your PP would be over 1400. But if you think your PP is correct then HIE would be around 18. But they will give you a better tuned figure.

Yes, I am pretty sure that my PP is around 750-800 at a max. I used the power curve & calculator tool this morning and used data from one of my longer mountain rides (Alpe du Zwift) and one shorter harder race with some sprints. Roughly 780 for PP, 260 for 5 minutes and 211 for 20 minutes. Now, the numbers look more realistic:

TP 194
PP 782
LTP 141
HIE 21,1 (probably still too high but more realistic than before)

Sounds like you are getting close by manually editing your settings.
When is last time you performed a breakthrough (BT) ride/workout in Xert?
If a BT workout feels too easy ride it again in resistance or slope mode and go all out during the work segments.
The preferred procedure to maintain an accurate signature is to accumulate more power data including periodic BT workouts to calibrate your signature.
Are you able to import months of historical power data into Xert?

Hi ridgerider2,

the last BT was on Mar 29 (the Alpe du Zwift ride) and before that I did a ramp test on Mar 24 that saw a BT. Both were quite hard though different. The ramp test was hard in itself whereas Alpe du Zwift was ok as I am fine with riding at a steady wattage for quite some time.
I actually have about close to 250 activities on Strava that I will import but had only used the last 3 months so far. If I add so many activities should the system be able to give me more accurate data?



I would think three months of power data would be sufficient but a year’s worth even better (this year versus last year analysis).
The BT workouts in Xert are designed to address all three signature values whereas a long climb or RAMP test is narrower in scope.
See this post: Ramp Test and Breakthroughs

After going through several of the rides that created some rather strange HIE values I adjusted several of them and I guess the numbers look more realistic now:

TP 192
PP 772
LTP 154
HIE 15,2

I will try to do some of the BT workouts in the next week to see if my signature seems to be right. One question though:

I see that I had potentially wrong results for 2 type of rides: Ramp tests and long climbs (did Alpe du Zwift twice and a few other longer climbs). Why is it that my HIE is going up so much for these rides? Happy to make them public if you want to have a look. Probably I haven’t figured out the HIE calculation yet but if HIE is based primarily on PP I don’t really get why they go up if I don’t do any trainings in that area. Or is it because the system thinks that I could go higher in reality?

Your best best is to file a support ticket by emailing:
The Xert folks also monitor this community forum but it may take a few days to hear back.
A ticket ensures a timely response plus they can look at your account directly and sniff out any issues that may be throwing off your signature.

Yes, will do. Thanks for your help and support!