Fitness signature updates not corresponding

Here are a few images of updated fitness signatures that don’t seem correspond to the ride after any ideas why that is?

Signature increases due to training load

The signature from the breakthrough is one thing, then the training effect of your ride/s are added to your signature.

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Thanks Wesley,

I was alway under the impression HIE and PP only adjusted after high intensity efforts not after an easy ride home.

But your happy that those HIE and PP are reading correctly?

Regards Gavin

Agree in principle - an easy ride shouldn’t increase HIE and PP.

Am not 100% sure what the signature shown in your screenshots represents (I mostly use the web browser and always see a similar discrepancy between the BT signature extraction and my signature after the BT ride)… so I think it’s probably the signature from the BT effort extraction, but before adding the high and peak TL impacts from the BT effort itself.

But overall I wouldn’t worry

Edit: adding this link where it’s come up before

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