Fitness signature incorrect?


I’ve just signed up for a full subscription and am struggling with a few things. I did a hard ride on Tuesday for which I got a trophy, however on my progression chart my FTP has slightly dropped. I also put out an effort of nearly 1200W but my peak power is given as 1011.

I have downloaded a couple of years of rides to Xert. Most are commutes on a bike with no power meter - the majority of rides with a power meter are ones from a Kickr with TrainerRoad. I got an outdoor PM in December but have been without it since around the end of February, so my outdoor rides don’t have power data (until last week when I got a new PM).

Would I be better wiping the old data and starting fresh?

Any help would be appreciated.


Not at all. This particular activity had spiky efforts above your Peak Power and the algorithm decided you didn’t spend enough time to award you an increase. I went ahead an updated your signature for this activity. You can do the same by entering values, clicking the refresh button and then Save/Lock. You should rarely have to do this but in this case, you could. Next time hold onto the sprint a second or two longer to make sure the system doesn’t think it was you hitting a bump or short rise.