Fine Tuning Fitness Signature

I went through a period late june - early august last year when I was without my powermeter. I was still training by HRT.

I think that is what messed with my fitness signature progression, and why I am now seemingly playing with it after every ride.

Do you think I should just go back and have it reseed progression from when I started recording power again? The lapse was almost 6 weeks.

I just want to maximize my training and stop tinkering with it. I realize I can still get a solid workout by doing 20 minutes tests every 4 weeks and adjusting TP, but I would like to use more smart intervals and I think they really depend on a good signature.


Find the activity that’s at the start of your progression you wish to reseed. Open and save/lock a good representative signature for that activity. Xert will trickle-down your signature from that date until today. If there is another period after that where you lost power data, open the first activity after that period and also save/lock its signature. This should result in your current fitness signature being a good representation of your fitness and you should be good-to-go.

More simply, use the save/lock feature to constrain or set your signature for a given period. Start with the first activity and set its signature.