Feature Reguesy

On the Progression Chart, any chance of the workouts being stacked rather than superimposed when you do multiple workouts in a day? Unless there is a compelling reason not to of course.

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Initially I had the same reaction as you, but now I think it’s more an educational issue.
To clearly see days with more than one activity select Stress as the chart type then zoom in on any darker red bars.
In some cases I started a workout over for one reason or another. :slight_smile: In others I added a long Z1 cooldown after a workout (saved and kept riding instead of extending the activity). On rare occasions I purposely select two workouts in a row such as a short BT workout after an easy endurance one.
You can note the date then check the activity table to identify the day’s details.
Stacking may be beyond the control set library used for the bar charts plus all you really care about for XATA is the combined stress for the day.
One could argue they are really one daily activity with various RIBs. :smiley: