Fat / Carb ratio algorithm?

Apologies if this has been covered. I scrolled down 400+ messages and couldn’t spot anything!

Does the Fat / Carb IQ app just use a fixed assumption for fat/carb ratio at given power output levels or is there more intelligence and analysis being carried out to relate it to athlete types and fitness signature?

If it’s just a lookup-table for a given performance point, is there any thought to be able to adjust the ratio and the power/performance threshold points depending on any tests the athlete may have carried out (e.g. respiratory exchange ratio tests) or wishes to adjust manually as some people are a lot more “fat adapted” than others…

Just a thought.

It is based on each individual’s fitness signature. We may add the ability to tweak the calculation in the future. For the moment, it provides ball park numbers based on each individual. Many that use it seriously, have tested and compared numbers with their own lab results.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Ok, good to hear there’s some variation based on signature rather than a one size fits all policy.

Early days using Xert for me but it’s looking good so far.