Failing a Workout

I’m wondering what’s recommended when you do a challenging workout like a hardness or a ramp test and you fail? Should you just end the workout or pause it and pedal backwards and then continue after a minute or so of recovery or adjust the resistance on the Garmin? I’m interested in what’s most useful for the software to generate an accurate fitness signature.


The Ramp Test workout cannot be completed. It merely shows you where you’d expect to fail during the test. You want to be fresh and ready for the test and if you stop pedaling, you’re done. The Hardness Tests that are too high will be too difficult to complete. If you have to stop, you’ll need to pick a lower level next time.

To test your Fitness Signature, use the Quick Test workout and do it without trainer control. You can continue with that until you believe you’ve expressed your true limits.

Thanks, Armando. So I should leave resistance on my kickr with all workouts except the “Xert Fitness Signature Test”?

Sprint workouts shouldn’t really be done with trainer control. This is because getting the precise cadence and timing gets harder and harder, the closer it is to your peak power. We’ve designed these workouts with variable duration intervals so that depending on execution you get the interval and recovery duration. You can even do these (in fact it’s preferred) outdoors.

Ok, that helps. Would it be impossible to have a fitness breakthrough with the trainer control on?