Error processing .fit or .tcx files upload

I’ve met a error message trying to upload .fit or .tcx files downloaded from Garmin Connect (doing this because I know Garmin Connect currently do not support uploading of historical activities). Link to the file here:

Wanted to sync files directly from Garmin to avoid uploading smoothened data through Strava. Upon failure, I’ve also tried to directly sync through connecting Strava which is okay for all activities until May 6 (without power data since I used not to have a power meter until then); so I’m guessing it might be issues with the power data? I am using a PowerPod which is a non-traditional type of PM -, but Garmin, TrainingPeaks, Strava all have no issues displaying power data collected via the PM.

Any idea of what might have gone wrong and how could I fix it?

There is also an error while I’m trying to complete/ update my profile (specifically weight & timezone), come into the following error screen when trying to save. Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 2

Regarding the PM itself, searched through the forum of its own, while the PM might not be common, there are indeed Xert users using the same PM. So I assume compatibility won’t be an issue.