Erg export not exporting as xert displays

The workout im exporting is Time-crunched Sweet-Spot Intervals. When I bring it into trainerroad or golden cheetah the workout is different.
Note the image attached to see a screen shot of all 3 interfaces, im using the “export erg” out of xert.

Looking at the erg file in a text editor it looks like its timestamping the intervals without (decimals) seconds for example;
0 148
5 148
5 490
5 490
5 192
5 192
5 490
6 490
6 192
6 192
6 573
6 573
6 251
11 251

Thanks Ashley. That does appear to be the issue. We’ll look to get a fix in shortly.

Cool thank you.

I wonder if it would be cool to be able to add a ramp into an interval? For example rather than going from say 200w to 600w instantly (or however long a trainer takes to get there) if we could choose a steady ramp of X seconds to desired target.

GC handles this with the quick code (where it takes 10 seconds to rise to target);


Likewise is it possible to add a lap/interval when a new interval takes place?

Thanks, enjoying going through all this stuff

Issue should be resolved.

Ashley, we have a number of new capabilities we are building into the Workout Designer, foundationally around being able to better-target focus and strain initially and then to round out general workout design capabilities. Our main goal is to enable the optimization of training dose. Our secondary goal is to allow broader workout interval definitions. Many pokers in this fire…

It still seems to be exporting the same way for me (with a refreshed page) ill do a reboot

Issue resolved and deployed. Let us know if you still are experiencing any issues.

Perfect thank you, working only that it opens a new tab with the erg file in the web browser where as before it prompted a download.

Should not have affected that. Can you try closing down your Xert tabs and reopening?

All good and confirmed as working with a workout this morning. Thank you