Endurance miles

New to training and Xert and wanted to give feedback as I like the concept but am struggling with the disconnect from research. I don’t know if my understanding is incorrect or I am using xert incorrectly etc.

I have been researching training material, in particular Dylan Johnson youtube channel and The Time crunched cyclist book.

I find the recommended workouts and endurance focus rides are too hard for what research suggests. (Max 2-3 intervals per week, additional training of endurance miles around 50-70% ftp)

I understand it is endurance focus and not miles but with no recommendations or even workouts at EM is this sub-optimal and overtraining on intensity?

Many thanks

Welcome aboard.

Lots of newbie tips in this thread including an 11 pt questionnaire you are welcome to post your answers to here. That will give us the framework we need to best answer your questions.
There are a number of variables to consider.
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

Have you had time to watch the Academy videos yet?
Xert’s hybrid polarized approach is discussed there as well as in the XBL podcasts.
Xert Academy Videos - YouTube (meant to be watched in order)

See Episode 6 here –
The Xert Breakthrough Lab Podcast – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

If you want to do polarised training with lower intensity endurance you can add your own low intensity endurance workouts - XATA will consider those in recommendations. I created a few of different durations, basically at 55 XSSR to keep it very easy.

If you are getting recommended too many hard workouts I guess it’s because you have a very high training load? You may then need to filter for difficulty or use the freshness feedback slider to force it. eg limit to 2 or max 2.5 diamond on easy days and you should get easier workouts, and then follow XATA on hard days (or even filter for higher diamond ratings - that’s what I do, but my TL is rarely much above 2 stars so I feel I don’t get recommended hard enough sessions otherwise)

I mostly use those easier rides in summer for longer outdoor rides (not literally running the workout though - easy enough to ride to power). For winter I don’t think there are major problems riding the easier 2 to 2.5 diamond Xert endurance workouts (above and below tempo / LTP) to build endurance, but up to you. Either way, I wouldn’t want to do threshold intervals every session though, hence use the filter or freshness feedback slider to reduce intensity of recommendations on easy days