Efforts over MPA barely visible on graphs

I noticed that every time I ride a breakthrough effort on the road, its barely visible in the MPA analytics graph.
For example in yesterdays effort I think my Garmin showed efforts significant above MPA for more than a minute in the first interval (using the MPA + Power data field).

Returning home and seeing the results on Xert it feels like my fitness signature was updated before creating the graph.
Resulting in a graph that only touches the MPA, but not really breaks through. This happens on pretty much every breakthrough ride I do.
Is this correct? Is the fitness signature updated before the graph?

Not a big deal, but helps me stay motivated to see how big of a breakthrough I did Xert Interval + korte sprintjes

Hi Gerben, I found the numbers and graphs on the Garmin screen rather small. They should make them bigger no?
But what I was interested in: can you display a Xert interval (like the player) and the MPA together? If the Player for Garmin is used you can’t combine them with for example maps, right?

Hi Gerben,

When you achieve a breakthrough, the number that you saw on the Garmin in-ride are outdated. When that activity is uploaded to Xert, the entire activity is re-analyzed with your “new” signature, so by definition, MPA can only touch power one time along the activity. If you want to confirm what you saw on your Garmin, and see the difference between the “starting” fitness signature and the “new” signature, go to Advanced MPA --> and click ‘previous’ in the bottom right. This will show the analysis of the ride with the starting signature from the Garmin. Hope that helps! Cheers

Hi Scott,
Thanks a lot! That was exactly what I was looking for. Until now I did not now about this “previous” thing inside advanced MPA.

Awesome stuff, cheers :slight_smile:

@Steven I have not used the player outside yet. But I imagine there is no need for the other fields when the player is active right?

That’s what we’re here for. That big effort is worthy of a big breakthrough! Cheers