Discrepancy between xert Mobile App and xert-Online and Activity level

Hello Armando,
I’m having quite a bit fun with the smart workouts (although quite a lot of respect for the hardones)
So I’ve noticed that my Online-Account assumes a FTP of 305 for me, while the xert-App showes a 295 value. Shouldn’t those be the same? The other values (MPA, 30s MPA) seem to adjust frequently. Also would this compromise my Workouts even if its a rather small difference?
Then I’m listed as a recreational cyclist. Not a big deal, but as an FTP over 300 is not to shabby (and my perceived training load either), I wonder how this is determined.
Best Wilfried

Thanks. We’re aware of the discrepancy are will be addressing it. Training Status is based on how much training you do, not on how strong you are.

OK, thats fine. But is it looking at KM per year or a specific period? I’m just curious…

Training Load is based on XSS or total normalized strain.

OK, the discrepancy is fixed! This feels more natural for the moment coming out of a break. So I guess I can try the hard ones now…