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Decided to schedule a Ted for early June, had been on continuous, both being moderate 1.
Being that at the prebase is relatively long, I’m curious if the prebase is essentially in this case a continuous moderate1, or is there a difference? Also, not critical but having Assioma duo power pedals and a karoo2 is there a way to observe post ride l&r balance in either the Karoo or exrt? I know this is possible for garmin users.
I’ve been using exrt for a little over a month, having breakthroughs on 3 outdoor rides, feeling my signature is pretty good allowing the confidence to set a achievable Ted.
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I have my TED set for the end of May, I switched from Continuous to this at the end of December, so far it has behaved quite similar, maybe a little more of an endurance focus but it seems to be working okay.

I get endurance workouts recommended when yellow and some intensity recommended when blue, that’s good enough for me at this time of the year so far out from my TED . I have also chosen Moderate 1, as I hope to gradually build training load rather than do a more traditional three weeks on one week off. So far, this has given me a decent outline of what training I need to be doing, but has allowed me to be quite flexible week to week.

They are similar in scope with both providing a variety of workouts around selected focus (athlete type). However, Continuous is closer to recommendations you would get in Peak phase (see related link below).
One notable difference is the ATP section of the Training tab changes from this in Continuous mode –

To this with a TED –

With the TED you can drag the bar and see changes in hours and focus as you progress to your TED.
With Continuous the ATP bar will show color coded changes related to IR which is one way Xert allows you to perform training blocks while continuously training.

With your TED date set you are 30 days out from Base phase when recommendations will switch to mostly endurance focus. With Xert’s hybrid polarized approach you’ll get some “hard” endurance workouts recommended (into SS territory), but you can bend Xert to your will. If you prefer more LI you can do so by using Load More or Filter and being selective about your choices (mostly blue = LI below LTP). Or outdoors stay mostly below your LTP.

Since you are in Pre-base for a while, I suggest you experiment with various settings and watch what happens to recommendations and advice as you do. You can always switch back.
Also, since you are riding outdoors take a look at activity details and note how Xert is quantifying and classifying your outdoor rides. Look at Focus and Specificity above the map, plus the MPA and difficulty graphs on the chart. You don’t need to understand everything yet :wink: but XATA is monitoring the strain ratio and XSS points as it affects your progress. At some point you may decide to incorporate “free ride to focus” into your outdoor rides. but that is another topic. :slight_smile:

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Thank you both for the comprehensive responses, It’s a crappy day in Connecticut, but good for investigating the links.