Connect IQ with Edge 520 power peaks too high

I experience the following, using Connect IQ with my Edge 520 to control my Kickr every time power changes there is a high peak in power I have to overcome before the right power sets in. Is there something I can do about that problem or do I just have to deal with that problem?

Are you using a KICKR and separate power meter? If so, your KICKR power and power meter power may be quite different and it will take a short period for the powermatch algorithm to calibrate. Which working have you tried and how much time were you able to complete?

I disconnected all powermeters form my edge 520 and selected the kickr in the app. So the other powermeter (Stages) is not connected to the Edge 520. I performed the Highway to Hell and did the whole exercise but every power change (going up or down was hard because the power first went up to 500-600 watt).

If you’re not using powermatch. Double check that stages isn’t connected … click the SELECT and STATUS PAGE and use up/down to navigate to the paget to see what’s connected. You can also see what the values of Slope and Intercept are. Let us know if they are different than 1 and 0, respectively. If the KICKR is showing as a power meter, be sure that too is removed from your Sensors menu.

If all you have is the KICKR setup as a trainer in the app, then trainer control should be just simple target power being sent to the KICKR without powermatch adjustments. It’s strange that you’d be having these issues.

slope is 1.003834 and intercept is 9.501572. That is when I check without warming up… I don’t know whether that influences these data point. I can check tomorrow whether the issue still occurs

Those look really good so definitely not due to powermatch. Test things again and see if you can better pinpoint what is happening.

I tried again and it seems to be ok now. Thanks for the quick responses. I love to train with the Xert workouts (After the workout, not during the workout)