Check my understanding of SMART workouts

Can I just confirm my understanding of SMART workouts: assuming you’re doing the workout on an indoor trainer, with ERG mode, and you follow each step as prescribed (no breaks or pausing), I assume the intervals and MPA that were in the workout design itself are essentially static – they do not change dynamically as a result of your HR or other metrics, correct? (While on the road I could imagine they might vary themselves based on power variance against the original workout design, with ERG mode you should basically be guaranteed no power variance?)

Trying to determine whether you’ll end up “losing” anything by exporting the workouts to eg. Zwift to do them there (as long as you’re following them precisely as defined, I don’t think so?)

We’re working an exporter for zwift workouts. The main thing you’ll lose when using them on a smart trainer is the dynamic power intervals. Those have been linearized. Also we have plans to add other interval types that may not lend themselves to working correctly in Zwift… but these are into the future.