Can't Hit Prescribed Wattage

First off, great work, the new updates are really cleaning this up, awesome!!

I have a training question. I’ve been following as close I can to the suggested workouts (getting better as I go), but this past week I can’t sustain the high wattage on the prescribed workouts. I did attempt a few workouts while Tired and possibly Very Tired, but today I came in at Tired or Fresh (can’t fully remember) and still couldn’t sustain the desired power for Closer - 200. Is this a time I need to possibly pull back and listen to my body instead of only relying on Form?

Thank you so much in advance!

Closer 200 is a bear. If you’re just coming off of yellow, it may be too tough. Do listen to your body when you’re planning on doing the tough workouts.

I think as I’m beginning to start work on the higher intensities, I’ll need to be more careful and aware of where I am with form! Thank you for the quick response Armando!