Can I play what-if games with xert?

It would be useful to be able to understand the effect of improving in each of the three parametric areas (threshold, HIE and PP). I can make workouts and see the predicted MPA as I move through the efforts. However, is it possible to temporarily change each of the three parameters and use Xert as a calculator to see the effect on performance?

Yes but will depend on the workout design. If you create workouts with absolute interval intensity and duration, you can modify the signature values at the top left and click Refresh to see how MPA is affected. If however you use MMP intensity and Target MPA durations, changing the signature may not have an affect. Hope this answers your question.

A technique I’ve employed in the past is to ask your racing buddy that’s stronger than you (but say the same size) for his ride/race file. If you load it into your data temporarily, you can using the Advanced tab on Activity Details to do What-if analyses. Enter your signature and click Refresh to see at what point you’d be able to hold on, for example. Also try updating values to see what they would need to get to so that you could ride or perhaps outperform your buddy.

It’d be useful to do this with absolutely intensity- that’s fine. However when I create a very simple workout (say 250W for 20 minutes), where my FTP is 226W, I see MPA diving to 250W is somewhat less than 15 minutes. Makes sense. But when I try to change my FTP to say 240 and hit save, it reverts to my real FTP value of 226. Can’t do the game that you suggest.

The Save operation saves the workout definition. The Refresh operation applies the signature from above to the workout defined in the table. The signature isn’t saved with the workout definition.

Right you are!! Thanks!