Can i download an activity from xert in fit format?

Not at the moment. You can save the data in CSV format from the chsrt on the Activity Details page.

… Or you can try this workaround.

From Xert Mobile App
Select Activity Log;
TAP on the workout you want to save as .FIT file format. The Workout summary page will open;
TAP on the ‘Burger’ Menu then Tap on ‘Share’;
You will be offered the choice to share that workout via a number of apps;
Select to share via e-mail or as an attachment to e-mail to your e-mail address;
Sharing Workout as FIT file
Check your e-mail and download the attachment to your computer.

Voila… you’re done!

Hope this helps! :wink:
(It works for me)

Ciao! :slight_smile:

Thank you Lorenzo! I think I should have clarified if it was from our web or Android app first!