Cadence too low

Has anybody else experienced issues with the cadence of an acticvity turning out as too low? My activity’s average cadence is 70 on Xert, 80 on Strava and 79 on the Elemnt Bolt. I assume this is because on my Xert the time not pedalling is also taken into account. If so, where do I change this setting. If not, what may be the problem? Cheers, Konrad

Like power, Xert counts all zeros in the average calculation. Average cadence doesn’t generally have a practical purpose unless you’re looking to understand some pedaling impediment.

Not sure I agree with this at all, but thank you for clearing it up.

“Cadence is a red herring.” Robert Chung. One of the more valuable power proverbs. Much of the literature also supports that modifying cadence doesn’t materially impact performance. Choosing a cadence that feels most comfortable to you, is most likely the most efficient, independent of your level of experience.