Bug? Weird increase of TP after BT

So the good news is: Atfer 2y with xert today I finally cracked the 300w TP

Whats weird is that in the activity view and also the rendered strava BT picture it claims +89w for TP. Looking at the progression graph above, which shows the correct increase, its rather +11w.

One thing to mention is that just before todays BT ride I switched from no decay to optimal decay, so maybe that plays in it? But 78w TP decay within few hours would probably also not be intended I guess.

See: Returning to Optimal Decay - Support - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

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Thank you. so all normal and doesn’t matter, as I anyways went for a BT after

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Congrats on the milestone. :+1:

Thank you :slight_smile: