BT on demand

The shared workout community is here - you should be able join (but don’t recall the exact steps - hopefully there is a join button there! Or you need to search the
coaches community for it, and join that way)

Once you join, you’ll be able to see a load more shared workouts in the ‘coaches’ section of the ‘workouts’ tab. They’ll also be part of the XATA recommendations, but you can filter them out (I actually prefer the standard workouts in general, plus some personal ones)

There is also the option of sharing your own workouts by adding #SHAREME to the description - that’s what I did for this one

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FWIW, when I do Mixed Mode micro-intervals (30-15’s or 30-30’s), I prefer SLOPE all the way through. I handle it by shifting to large ring up front during the ON efforts and shift down to small ring for the recovery sections. I don’t worry too much about the actual power I’m hitting during the ON/OFF intervals, but guiding mostly by RPE as I progress through the reps/sets (for example, I think of ‘get power into the orange’, or nice and easy during the recovery to let HR recover as much as possible in 15s). Maybe it would be neat/helpful to have a video put together of explaining how I progress through these sorts of workouts.

Thanks Scott. Understand your preference, and have tried that.

For me it’s about avoiding gear shifts every 30 or 15 seconds (takes time, makes noise which can be an issue in the apartment), and there is also the torque issue - when shifting up there is a tough period with high torque and low cadence, which is harder on the knees (mine are not so fresh). I find it easier with ERG recoveries as I can be spinning a high cadence already, and don’t need to ease up cadence for the gear shift.

Each to their own though! :blush:

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