Breakthrough and flagging

The other day I did a zwift ride with for me a good effort. The Xert verdict was a breakthrough which made sense. However, the end result was a drop in numbers which I didn’t understand so I flagged the run. And then it wasn’t a breakthrough anymore and the MPA was changed to something very less dramatic and I think less reflective of the ride but what do I know. How can the MPA curve be changed so much? I tried to unflag the ride to see if I could get back the orginal ride data but that seems to be gone.
Intresting was the fack that I now don’t have a breakthrough which seems to be a goal but without the breakthrough my TP went up. How could this be?

Hi Hans, if you flag and then unflag an activity, it should return the signature to the previous value. If you are having an issue with this, let us know.