Beta Question: Adaptive Training Advisor

I noticed that the ADAPTIVE TRAINING ADVISOR seems to accumulate its required XSS sometime in the middle of the day. This may only be a Beta issue and solved when you go to Production (and it may be an issue only I am experiencing), but it would be nice if it accumulated the XSS at midnight each day. That way you know the entire amount of deficit you need to work off for the entire day. As it is in beta now, if you do a workout in the early morning, you don’t know how much additional XSS deficit you will accumulate later that day. Even better might be to show an additional row for how much XSS the system anticipates you will accumulate for the NEXT 24 hours. This would allow better planning of the next day’s ride.

Good thinking. We’ve already addressed that. The system looks at your highest TLs over a range and bases on that. This helps smooth out exactly what you’ve identified.