Best way to Utilize HR?

I have a dual-sided Pioneer on my road bike but nothing on my gravel or mtb. What’s the best way to make those rides show up? I rode 30 miles on gravel at a decent clip Saturday followed by 20 on Sunday at a bit more leisurely pace. I went in and estimated what the XSS was for those and put a value in. Is that going to be the only way to do it? I would be fine with an estimate correlated to my HR FTP and HR max if it showed something. Showing nothing ruins almost all the other metrics this site uses.

I agree. we need at least an estimate for XSS based on HR (just like strava and trainingpeaks do). Also automatic lactate threshold estimate would be nice (trainingpeaks does this).

it seems workouts done only with HR are already included in the weekly training load

As you have already done, you can estimate the XSS from your activities without power data, and update their XSS values. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding a similar activity where you had power and using its numbers. If you can estimate values for Focus and Specificity Rating too, Xert will subdivide the XSS you generate into the corresponding buckets - Low, High and Peak that are used to track individual system training loads. We are working on a more sophisticated algorithm that uses HR to obtain these values via more advanced HR analysis methods. Just using simple HR and zones doesn’t quite cut it for us. :frowning: It’s a pretty big project but we’ve already made some great progress. Thanks for your patience and support.

where can I write XSS in this activity?

the only thing I can change is weight

Thanks. I saw potential in this form of analysis over the other bigger guys which is why I chose you. Good to know you’ll hopefully have that algorithm soon!

Federico, use the Fitness Planner.