Best use of Xert

Hi, just wondering what the best use of Xert is for someone like myself? I’m a mountain biker so for the majority of the time I ride outside on trails as that is why I mountain bike and will do a trainer rise maybe once a week/fortnight this time of year (spring/summer/autumn). The only power measurements I have are from my Smart trainer as I do not have one on the mtb. So despite having a 600-900 TSS week (Trainingpeaks), Xert will have me as very fresh when in reality I am tired. What is the best way to use Xert, should I be on the trainer more and what would be the minimum to get an accurate signature? I see a calendar and planning function are coming but is there any Heart rate functionality coming i.e HrXss? I like the way Xert works so want to continue using it

HR analysis is likely to come after the release of the planner and iOS app. Our methods will be a little more advanced than others out there. :slight_smile:

thats brilliant to hear Armando - can’t wait :slight_smile: