Best practice example (Zwift, Kickr Bike, ATV, iOS)

Hi all,

New XERT user, I wanted to share my setup as there seems to be a lot of questions around how to get the various apps to play nice. Maybe my overview can help someone :slight_smile:

My setup:

  • Wahoo Kickr Bike
  • Apple TV
  • Assioma Duo power pedals
  • iPhone/iPad/MacBook Air
  • CABLE (ANT to BT converter) from North Pole Engineering.
  • Garmin HRM Pro


  • Zwift on Apple TV
  • Xert EBC (iPhone)
  • Zwift Companion (iPhone)
  • Strava

Here’s how I’ve connected everything:

  1. Wahoo Kickr Bike to Zwift on Apple TV via BT (Power and Cadence pairing in Zwift)
  2. Garmin HRM Pro to Zwift on Apple TV via BT
  3. Wahoo Kickr Bike to CABLE via Ant+ → convert to BT → output BT to Xert EBC app on iPhone as:
  • Trainer Control
  • ANT+ Adapter
  1. Assioma Duo Pedals connected to Xert EBC app on iPhone as:
  • Power
  • Cadence
  • (Speed from Power but don’t really care about that anyway)
  1. Zwift to sync to Strava (since I also race on Zwift I want those to show up on Strava too)
  2. Strava to sync to Xert
  3. Xert NOT to sync to Strava since it’ll create duplicates.


  1. Xert not syncing to Strava makes me lose a bit of good info on the workout performed, so need to check Xert for that info, but that’s ok I guess.
  2. The Controllable during workouts is sometimes a bit slow to make changes on the Kickr Bike, I might try something different and see if I can make it work better…


  1. Can do workouts on Zwift without the hassle to download .zwo files, upload to zwift etc.
  2. It’s actually quite nice to use the xert EBC similar to how I’m using Zwift Companion; monitor workout, what’s next etc. that’s all I need.
  3. Using iPad as a remote player is nice but iPhone app is enough for workouts…

Thoughts / Next steps.

  • I will try to connect the Kickr Bike through BT to the Xert EBC app directly and see how this works, instead of using CABLE, but wanted to use a “dedicated” BT connection for the controllable to start with.
  • Do I need to use the Assiomas I wonder, maybe use CABLE connection for all of it in one…

Off to a good start at least. Happy to answer questions on my setup.


Nice setup! Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Here’s a good newbie thread –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (

Plus the new YT academy series is great at explaining how Xert works –
Series 1 Discover: Mastering Xert - Discover Your Fitness - YouTube
Series 2 Improve: Mastering Xert - Improve! - YouTube
Series 3 Perform: (future; tba)

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Update 2021-12-03:

  • Connected Assiomas directly to Zwift on Apple TV for power and cadence (BT) - works well obviously.
  • Connected Wahoo Kickr Bike directly to EBC App (BT) for controllable, power, cadence.
  • Used “Speed from power”, but will not use this option moving forward (read further down***)
  • No need to use CABLE at all with this setup. Nice!
  • HRM connected to both ATV and EBC via BT. So far it seems to work well.

Updated upsides:

  1. Ditched CABLE. Straight connection from Kickr Bike to EBC app
  2. SMART workouts are painful… 20s hard intervals can suddenly become 35s… and there’s no warning. Ouch!

Sync settings are still a bit messy in my opinion. Since I ride on Zwift for most (all) workouts I want everything to sync to Strava and then to XERT. This means I’ll have duplicates every time I do an XERT (EBC controllable) workout. The one from XERT and the one from Strava (Zwift).

Which one should I keep? So far I’ve just copy-pasted the workout information from XERT to Strava to make sure I have both the Zwift map/segments etc and the workout information.

***Speed to power is not really useful I recon, since I do 100% workouts in the Zwift environment, which gives me the speed, distance and elevation, albeit “fake”, it’s consistent.

So, zwift or xert file did you keep after your smart workout?

The Zwift file and then copy/paste the written information from XERT to remember what the workout was

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I saved the xert file and ditch the zwift file as afraid data sync from zwift to xert, the analyzing might not spot-on, but then, i did a few occasion by saving both xert and zwift file and make comparison based on viewing the activity MPA Analytics, data(e.g Work, Calories, Fat, Carb etc…) will have very slight difference in value but i think is of no concern.