Best athlete type for all round cycling fitness?

Hi, I’m just wondering if I don’t have a particular race or distance in mind and am just looking to improve in all areas generally, what would be the best athlete type to use to reflect this?

Also, is there a way to see 6-week predictions for all types? I’m currently following a TrainerRoad plan and intend to do sweet spot and then general build and I’d like to see what Xert makes of this training and which areas it thinks are being targeted. I had a look at them all earlier by clicking through and constantly changing them but it’s a bit of a faf and it would be good to see all the predicted 6 week changes visualised in a way similar to current fitness.



The 6-week predictions will eventually get replaced with predictions based on future training. At that point, you’ll be able to input your TrainerRoad plan and make adjustments that aim to improve outcomes.

In terms of athlete types, if you plan on doing TrainerRoad sweetspot, threshold-based training, then choose something like a Time-Triallist or Century Rider athletes as these have a heavy focus on Threshold Power.

Thanks Armando! My plan is to complete a round of training with TP then switch over to workouts with you guys. Hopefully this should line up with the time frame for your iOS release.