Automatically send workout to Zwift

It’s hugely useful having the ZWO export but still slightly cumbersome, especially if you train using tablet/phone/apple TV:

  • Go to Xert website in desktop/laptop browser
  • Locate desired workout
  • Export as ZWO
  • Save to Zwift workouts folder
  • Launch and log into Zwift on desktop/laptop
  • Wait for last modified date of the workouts.files index file to update
  • Exit Zwift on desktop/laptop
  • Launch Zwift on tablet/phone/apple TV
  • Proceed as normal on Zwift

The ability to push either today’s planned ride or a ride of your choosing to Zwift would be a real bonus.

My preference would be to only have a single Xert workout available in Zwift so that it doesn’t become cluttered.


I understand your points,’s my opinion on the issue –

I no longer use Zwift but when I did I quickly decided not to export ZWO files because you lose any and all functionality assigned to SMART workouts. You are stuck with %FTP watts.
Instead I ran the Remote Player/Monitor sectioned around the Zwift screen with power only paired to Zwift. My understanding is the beta version of the Monitor supports this option as a transparent overlay. That would be ideal but I haven’t tried it.

The downside is the need to run the mobile app at the same time and any latency between phone and Internet means the Remote Monitor won’t be in sync with the Player. However, for practical purposes it doesn’t matter since you can glance at the Player if required or listen for transition beeps.
Overall it’s a simple and quick arrangement when working. :wink:
Plus SMART intervals are supported (curvi-linear, %MPA, LTP, XSSR principal, etc.).
There is a substantial difference in riding an exported SMART workout as a ZWO versus the real thing.

Also note the new Auto mode in the Player controls your trainer as needed during the interval (e.g. ERG vs Resistance/Slope mode). That won’t happen with a ZWO file.


Hey thanks for the very informative reply. I had a few attempts with Xert player (Garmin IQ app on a 1030) + Zwift on AppleTV and had inconsistent results so I decided to revert back to ZWO export (in the knowledge that I’d lose the Smart stuff but the workouts are still good without that).

I may have another go - I think the Garmin IQ app may not have been helping… (I definitely only had one controlling the trainer!!) Ideally I’d like to use my AppleTV as everything is set up for hassle free training… unfortunately I’m not set up to use a laptop at the moment which would probably be easiest.

I’ve assumed (dangerous I know) that given that Xert have provided a ZWO export, there are a fair number of Zwift users using the feature who would presumably all appreciate a direct connection…

I also had inconsistencies with my 1030 and the Connect IQ app when I first enrolled in Xert 2+ years ago. However, everything has been working fine since a firmware update on the Garmin awhile back plus a reinstall of the Connect IQ app. I also made sure to pair things under Garmin settings, not within the IQ app.
Even so the smoothest experience is to run the mobile app on a phone (I use Android) since Connect IQ adds more layers for things to go wrong (IQ app to Garmin OS/device to BT on phone to Garmin Connect to Internet to Remote Monitor sync).
When you use the mobile app you lose Garmin Connect analysis unless you make the effort to export your activities from Xert and import into Garmin.
It seems with all apps and platforms there is always a downside no matter what device or which options you choose. :smiley: I think it boils down to a lack of standards with the various platforms competing against each other. As a result export/import and sync functions are haphazard at best and in some cases impossible to resolve.

I’d love to see the feature as well! We understand we’d lose the “SMART” functionality. Sometimes you just want the convenience of loading the ride into Zwift.

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