Athlete Type ... Better to choose where you are, or where you want to go?

While it feels good to see higher rankings as a power sprinter, I’m not really sure if that is what I should select for Athlete type. I race primarily criteriums with the odd road race. My “free rides” tend to be me off climbing of doing century rides with friends/family because I enjoy the scenery and the challenge.

My next highest ranked categories are Pursuiter, Breakaway Specialist, and Rouler. As far a developing for criteriums, I think I’d be better off selecting one of these categories, but I’m not sure if the athlete type and recommended workouts were designed to capture your current strength or the end goal. Thanks.

My interpretation was to chose “where we want to go”.

I knew I had seen something about it on the site. Just found the best explanation here … It is a combo of where you want to go and when your event takes place. The system will do the look back at previous workouts and factor that into the recommended workouts.