Applying Xert Code - why per IQ app?

As there are currently 5 IQ Xert data field apps that require use of the Xert Code to set them up is it not possible to have a singe companion app that sets the Xert Code across all Xert apps (or have one app propogate a new Xert Code to others automatically) ? I appreciate that data field apps can’t download a user’s Xert Code automatically.

It easy to miss setting a new Xert Code and easy to not apply to all apps you might have installed.

This is a pain, yes, but it is a limitation of how Garmin apps are developed. We’re working with Garmin on ways to improve this.

Good morning. I tried many times to enter my Xert code in each apps data field with no success except for the Fat and Carbs. Every other apps fall back to the default code 3neisL. I tried to save and sync all at once, and one at
the time with the same result. Any advice for me. Thanks again Armando

I got it now! I used my iPhone 7 instead of Garmin Express on my computer to enter my Xert code in each apps data fields. And, needed to restart the Garmin 1030 to see the changes.