Any way to work backwards from the weekend?

Say you add two big rides as manual entries, or even Smart workouts to Sat and Sunday. Is there then a way to get the Smart workouts to reduce the XSS and make appropriate suggestions during the week? Loving everything I’m seeing so far, just signed up for the trial and learning how it works before I start training on it next week, but so far it looks a lot like the future!

Hi TJ. Great question! This is a tricky one to implement some automation for. The current version of the adaptive training advisor does not account for activities in the future at this time. You’ll have to plan your workouts before these and ensure that you have appropriate freshness for them and your pacer on the weekend to see whether you are on track or not. Not that hard to do but just recognize that the system isn’t doing this automatically for you. Good luck with your training!

Thanks Armando, appreciate the response!