Ant+ connectivity problem

Every time I want to use Xert (Android), I have to reboot my phone otherwise I won’t get any data from my Ant+ connected devices. Is there something I should do to prevent this ? More details:

  • Bluetooth is disabled
  • I launch Xert, go on the Scan page and check that my devices are detected and checked (HRM: Wahoo Tickr; PM: Stages (Power + Cadence); Trainer: Drivo (Trainer Control + Powermatch)
  • I then go on the Activity page, Start a new Cycling activity and… no data from any of my sensors :frowning:

If I reboot my phone, go back in Xert and follow the same steps, then everything is fine, I can finally start my training session.
(I don’t think it’s a problem with Ant+ as I’m able to get the data from all of my sensors if I use the Wahoo Fitness app)
Any tips ?


Hi Gousti. We’ve seen this before with some users. Try and use the EXIT feature from the app (tap START and EXIT) which will shutdown all the services and restart the app that way. The app normally releases the ANT+ interfaces for most phones but for some others, there may be something we’ll need to look into further. It’s also important to have the app running without a lot of other background services if possible.

I did a quick test, seems to work, I will do a full test tomorrow and report…

Full test completed, exiting the app as you explained does the trick.

I had a similar probelm. I’m using a google pixel which doesn’t have native ANT+ so i’m using a usb adapter and an ant+ stick. Often when I first start up it seems to only recognise my P1 pedals. Then if I restart my device the ANT+ service/app pops up asking for permissions, after which it all works. I’m not sure why it does this.