AI Forecast with run sessions included

I’m trying to add my runs, which are done religiously on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, into my training availability so that the AI takes those training days into account and then prescribes the relevant sessions of cycling in between. Is there a way to do this? I’ve tried in the ‘Set Availability’ tab but it doesn’t seem to be carrying it into all the future weeks.

Please help.

So what I’m trying is to manually add my runs for the week ahead based on a rough estimate of time, distance, and xss. Then making that day an unavailable day on the scheduling side and making the days in between ‘available’ for cycling. It obviously means that you have to plug these in at the beginning of each week which I’m happy to do but will it work?

If you search the forum for “running profile” you’ll find various topics discussing the pros and cons of mixing run data with a cycling profile such as this recent thread.

How does adding a running profile affect xss requirements for cycling? - Support - Xert Community Forum (

To pin an activity to a Forecast AI calendar, use Choose Training to associate the activity with the forecast entry, then select the pin :pushpin: icon (mouseover in desktop view).
Adapt Forecast will retain any pinned entries and work around them.
This would be a week-by-week process.
An alternative would be to mark Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun as Unavailable in your cycling profile for the duration of the forecast plan and track runs in a separate profile.

Awesome thanks so much