Activity listed as Time-Triallist, not Endurance

I am testing out Xert and trying to understand the “Focus” concept. Yesterday I did a TrainerRoad endurance workout for 120 min, but I see that this will be listed as “Time-Triallist” and not Endurance for some reason. The workout was done in ERG mode with power smoothing off (i.e. no 3-sec smoothing in the trainer). This means that there are some natural variations and power spikes, but these are typically not that long. My TP is currently 294 in Xert, while my FTP is set to 299 in TrainerRoad.

Can anyone help me understand why the workout is classified like this? I assume this will mean that Xert will keep recommending Endurance rides because the endurance rides I do will be classified as something else.

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Thanks. I found the answer here: Athlete Type – Xert

So I got confused by the fact that they use the term Endurance to cover the athlete type with a 3-hour focus and also for all workouts with more than 20-min focus (Sprint Time-Trialists and longer focus).

I highly recommend you watch the videos as this and more is covered.

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