20 min power

How is the 20 min power calculated? Is it different with TrainingPeaks?

We can’t really talk to how TrainingPeaks calculates your 20 minute power. Most software packages use your best 20 minute average power. It is often called your 20 Minute Mean Maximal Power (MMP). You’ll also hear it referred to as your CP20. It is essentially an effort that is started from a fresh state, held constant for 20 minutes and right at the 20 minute mark, you can’t sustain that wattage and you have to back off.

In Xert, we don’t need to wait for you to have your best 20 minute MMP effort to determine your 20 minute power. Your FItness Signature provides us a way to calculate your 20 minute power and this is what is shown in rankings and the Signature Calculator, for example. So if one day, you hammer out your best ever 16 minute power, or after a few hill repeats you dig real deep and surpass MPA , Xert will see this a change in overall fitness (1 or more of your Fitness Signature parameters have improved) and this is then reflected in a higher 20 minute power.

Ok thank you

In the work outs they talk About for example 4 min mmp??
And op mpa?? Mpa?

Duration in pp mpa
I dont understand

PP = Peak Power (say your best 1/2/3 second burst at its highest number)
MPA = Maximum Power Available (Highest amount of power available at a given time taking into account the work that you have done before this effort)